Fingerprints of 1M Exposed in Public Biometrics Database

Researchers discovered the personal and biometrics data of more than a million people left publicly exposed on a database owned by Suprema, a biometric security company. Data includes facial recognition and fingerprint information collected by the UK metropolitan police, small local businesses and governments globally.

Suprema touts biometrics software called BioStar 2 that uses facial recognition and fingerprinting technology to help company administrators to control access to facilities. BioStar 2 is utilized by almost 6,000 organizations – including multinational businesses, governments, banks and the UK Metropolitan Police.

Researchers said that earlier in August, they discovered a publicly accessible ElasticSearch database totaling a hefty 23 gigabytes of data “of a highly sensitive nature.” That includes fingerprints of over one million people whose biometrics have been collected by various customers utilizing BioStar 2.

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Source: ThreatPost