Manufacturing a Top Target for Espionage

When it comes to cyberattack-related reconnaissance and lateral movement activity, the manufacturing industry exhibits higher than normal rates.

That’s according to Vectra’s 2018 Spotlight Report on Manufacturing, which crunched data from more than 4 million devices and workloads from customer cloud, data center and enterprise environments. It determined that attackers who evade perimeter security at factories and production lines can easily spy, spread and steal information, largely unhindered by the insufficient internal access controls that are in place.

The report said that while offensives in the manufacturing space have had a lower profile compared to well-publicized attacks on retail, financial services and healthcare, the reality is that this vertical is plagued with an ever-expanding attack surface: The “Industry 4.0” trend, which is anchored in automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies, includes the deployment of cyber-physical systems, the internet of things, cloud computing and cognitive computing.

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Source: ThreatPost