Weather Channel Knocked Off-Air in Dangerous Precedent

The incident was the work of malicious cyberattackers.

On Thursday, The Weather Channel – a trusted cable network source of meteorological data across the U.S. – was knocked off the air by what it said was a “malicious software attack” on its network.

The Weather Channel hack – not to be confused with the Weather Channel’s own hacks – affected its live broadcast for about 90 minutes between 6 and 7:30 a.m., during which canned content was aired. The network resumed broadcasting from backup locations at that point.

The network quickly confirmed that the problem was an attack, not technical difficulties: “We experienced issues with today’s live broadcast following a malicious software attack on the network,” The Weather Channel posted on its Twitter feed. “We were able to restore live programming quickly through backup mechanisms.”

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Source: ThreatPost