SITA: We need complete confidence in data security for aviation

Information security and air transport are inextricably linked. That is not only because of the mission-critical nature of much of the industry’s data but also because of air transport’s growing dependency on data, sharing and new digital ways of working. It’s why ISO27K is a critical standard for a global IT provider to achieve.

With aviation customers in every corner of the globe, SITA is only too aware that our industry today is not just about sharing network, infrastructure, platforms and technology. It’s about sharing data and know-how. Data has the potential to add more and more value at every interchange between the airlines, airports, ground handlers, border agencies and other stakeholders who make the journey happen.

We’re evolving our expertise with data-driven services, such as passenger flow management, flight prediction and operational business intelligence that rely heavily on data from various sources. Secure data sharing is crucial to the critical focus we’re placing on emerging ‘plug and play’ platforms that unite many stakeholders, as we strive to enable greater collaboration and secure data sharing across air transport operations.

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Source: Intelligent CIO