Ebola doctor killed as violence hampers response to outbreak in DRC

A World Health Organization doctor has been killed by armed militia when a hospital at the epicentre of the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo was stormed by rebels.

According to IMA World Health, an American aid group, Dr Richard Valery Mouzoko Kiboung, an epidemiologist from Cameroon, was killed when armed individuals in civilian clothes burst into a conference room at Butembo University Hospital and forced everyone to the floor.

In a statement IMA said: “[The gunmen] accused them of perpetuating false rumours about Ebola. When they departed, the intruders shot the doctor in the abdomen.

“They discharged their weapons as they went through the hospital, causing patients and staff to flee or go into hiding. Dr Mouzoko died of his wounds a short time later.”

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Source: The Telegraph