Body scanners to replace metal detectors at Indian airports

Starting in April 2020, air travellers will be examined by body scanners at Indian airports,according to the aviation security regulator, which has directed airport operators to replace metal detectors with superior technology.

In the directive on Monday, a copy of which was accessed by Hindustan Times, the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) asked airport operators and security agencies to install the devices at pre-embarkation security check points of all airports in a phased manner. Body scanners detect objects being carried by a traveller without the need for physical contact such as frisking.

The government communication does gives air travellers the option of refusing to go through body scanners. In that case, the traveller will be subjected to a full pat-down search. Air travellers with medical conditions will also be exempt from security screening by body scanners. They will be screened using door frame metal detectors (DFMDs).

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Source: Hindustan Times