Tech and digital start-ups needed for the oil & gas industry

The oil & gas industry is currently undergoing a digital transformation, and the interest in emerging technologies and the latest developments is ever-growing.

The variety of solutions is overwhelmingly wide, ranging from robotics, artificial intelligence and IoT, to data analytics and many more. Digital technologies such as big data analytics, AI, and cloud-enabled mobility allow companies to make faster and better decisions, reduce costs, and increase productivity and revenue. However, this means it is also becoming harder to navigate and stay ahead of the curve for the oil & gas operators, who realize that technology is the key to withstanding the competition in today’s market.

The IIot and Digital Solutions for Oil and Gas conference aims to make this navigation easier by facilitating a productive dialogue between oil & gas operators and technology providers. The conference received tremendous feedback after its launch in 2017, and in 2018 it aims at stepping up its game by drilling deeper into the hot topics that are buzz of the industry right now.

One such hot topic is the increased interest among big industry players – oil and gas operators in what new technology vendors can offer, and not simply the ‘big names’ who are already well established and well known in the field. More and more companies are expressing their interest in the ‘underdogs’ of the industry – the new emerging innovative start-ups – as they are invigorating the market.

That’s why the IIot and Digital Solutions for Oil and Gas conference organizers would like to invite technology start-up companies to take advantage of a special offer and join the event, where they can showcase their solutions to the target audience of oil and gas operators.

Companies like Total, Shell, BP, Aker BP, Repsol, Petronas, OMV, MOL Group and many others have already confirmed their participation at this year’s event at a senior executive level, which makes it a rare chance to reach out to them. This opportunity will be available to the three most innovative and energetic start-up companies that will be selected from the applicants.

Please visit the website for more details on the event and this special offer: