Indian ISIS recruits ‘wanted lessons from Maoist rebels in how to build IEDs’

July 19, 2016

Indian ISIS recruits were looking to strike an alliance with Maoists and source weapons from the rebel group, according to a charge-sheet filed by the National Investigation Agency (NIA).

The Maoists are known to have expertise in putting together Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

A high percentage of casualties suffered by soldiers in Maoist-hit areas are due to IEDs planted by the rebel outfit.

ISIS sympathisers in India sought their help, hoping to learn new techniques of planting explosives that could be triggered by an IED.

The supplementary charge-sheet filed on Tuesday against suspected ISIS operatives booked for attempting to set up a Caliphate in India says they were in touch with the Red rebels.

“The ISIS recruits wanted to learn the modus operandi in committing terror acts they also had plans to buy weapons from them,” the charge-sheet says.

Materials used in the making of IEDs – including explosive powder, analogue clocks, matchboxes, and Hydrogen Peroxide – were seized from the suspects.

The NIA charged 17 men from the group Junood-ul-khilafa-Fil-Hind (Army of Caliph in India) on Tuesday.

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