Airports Council calls for solutions to electronic device ban

Airports, along with industry partners and governments, put security as a top priority and understand the need to implement measures rapidly when a heightened threat level is identified. However, information sharing and coordination on security measures among governments and with the industry is also crucial to ensure effective security.

In particular, inconsistency in the application of security measures does not lead to security effectiveness and may result in simply moving the threat to other locations rather than addressing it. In the present case, it also leads to passenger confusion and results in commercial distortions not just for airlines but also for airports.

Reviewing the ban, the Airports Council International (ACI) World Governing Board called for urgent consideration for alternative solutions. In the short term, these might include additional explosive detection capability deployed at boarding gates, and/or the use of ‘state of the art’ technology for cabin baggage screening. In this regard, the ACI Governing Board failed to understand why proposals made by Istanbul Ataturk Airport have not been considered.

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Source: ftn News.