DHS releases report with cybersecurity, CIP tidbits

July 18, 2016

What would make the DHS better at dealing with cybersecurity threats to infrastructure? These are their thoughts on the matter:

  • Cybersecurity: Cyber-threats could have detrimental impacts to the nation’s economy and security. Integrated into our nation’s critical infrastructure across the government and the private sector, cybersecurity is a top concern for DHS. The growth of the Internet of Things, cyber criminals, and a growing dependence on digital devices bring layers of complexity to cybersecurity that require technological advances.
  • To ensure the security of cloud-based solutions, it is essential to have the capability to identify malicious and/ or anomalous behavior and quickly mitigate the potential damage that behavior could cause. The Department is seeking to increase and improve distributed cloud-based communications and monitoring agents for identifying the malicious behavior of other entities within a distributed system. In addition, DHS would like an expanded ability to characterize the limitations of actionable analysis of different levels of administrative access; develop algorithms capable of operating at different privilege levels; and provide the capability to identify and characterize threat vectors speci c to use and communicate with cloud-based computational clusters and storage.

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