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Today’s interdependent and interconnected world requires joint efforts and holistic approaches to protect critical infrastructure assets from the growing number of attacks and to address ever-evolving convergent threats to our economy, security and well-being.

Critical Infrastructure Protection Review is the go-to destination for the latest news, insights and expert knowledge, and designed to assist governments, public and private sectors in improving security and resilience of vital critical infrastructures, strengthening their preparedness to withstand and recover from the physical and cyber attacks.

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Top News

  • US troops deploying to the Middle East told to leave personal devices at home

    January 13, 2020

    Amid growing tensions with Iran, the US deployed emergency troops to the Middle East last week. Before being sent overseas, paratroopers part of the US Army 82nd Airborne Division were told to leave personal devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops at home, according to CNN Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr, citing US Army Maj. Gen. James Mingus. The ...

  • Loud blast shakes homes in central Stockholm

    January 13, 2020

    The blast happened at 1am at the street Gyllenstiernsgatan in the Östermalm area of the Swedish capital, but could be heard several kilometres away. It damaged the building and parked cars, with broken glass and other debris covering the area. “We believe that the explosion happened in or at the building, but exactly where is still ...

  • Extinction Rebellion listed as ‘extremist’ by anti-terror police

    January 11, 2020

    Extinction Rebellion has defended its activists after police included the group on a list of extremist ideologies in a counter-terrorism report. Guidance drawn up by Counter Terror Police South East (CTPSE) listed the environmental protest group alongside organisations such as National Action, and Islamic extremists, according to documents seen by The Guardian. Extinction Rebellion branded the label a ...

  • Iran plane crash: Ukrainian jet was ‘unintentionally’ shot down

    January 11, 2020

    Iran has admitted “unintentionally” shooting down a Ukrainian passenger jet, killing all 176 people on board. An investigation found that “missiles fired due to human error”, President Hassan Rouhani said. He described the crash as an “unforgivable mistake”. The military said the jet turned towards a sensitive site belonging to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and was then mistaken ...

  • HMP Whitemoor: Knife attack by inmates wearing fake suicide vests treated as terrorism

    January 10, 2020

    An assault on prison officers by two inmates wearing fake suicide vests is being treated as a terror attack, police have said. One officer was left with stab wounds to his head and neck following the incident at the maximum security HMP Whitemoor in Cambridgeshire on Thursday morning. He was set on from behind by the prisoners, ...

  • Niger says 25 soldiers killed in latest attack blamed on jihadist militants

    January 9, 2020

    Suspected Islamist militants killed 25 soldiers and wounded six others in an attack on an army post in west Niger near its border with Mali on Thursday, the government said in a statement. It was not immediately clear who was responsible for the attack on the post at Chinagodrar, about 130 miles (209 km) north of ...

  • 3 men, planning terror attack in Delhi & UP, arrested

    January 9, 2020

    The Special Cell of Delhi Police on Thursday arrested three suspected terrorists who were allegedly planning an attack in New Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. The arrests took place after an exchange of fire between the police and suspects in Wazirabad in Delhi, officials said. The three men arrested were identified as Khaja Moideen (52), Syed Ali Navas ...

  • Britain’s biggest high street banks affected by Travelex cyber attack

    January 9, 2020

    Britain’s biggest high street banks have been left unable to process foreign currency orders following the cyber attack on Travelex, which provides services for them. Royal Bank of Scotland, Lloyds Banking Group, Barclays and HSBC are among more than a dozen major banks having problems after the New Year’s Eve ransomware attack. While customers are still being ...

  • Several killed in car bomb attack near Somali parliament

    January 8, 2020

    At least four people have been killed and 10 wounded when a car bomb exploded close to a checkpoint near Somalia’s parliament in the capital Mogadishu, police said. A plume of thick black smoke was seen over the city on Wednesday, and witnesses said a number of vehicles were on fire. “Explosives were packed in a vehicle ...

  • Blast in Pakistan’s Quetta kills two, wounds many: Officials

    January 7, 2020

    At least two people have been killed and several others wounded after a bomb targeted a security personnel vehicle in the southwestern Pakistani city of Quetta, officials say. The attack took place at an intersection near the city’s busy Liaqat market on Tuesday evening, police said. “Two people have been killed and the number of injured is ...

  • A mysterious virus is making China (and the rest of Asia) nervous. It’s not SARS, so what is it?

    January 7, 2020

    Chinese health authorities have not been able to identify a mysterious strain of pneumonia that has infected dozens of people and put the rest of Asia on alert — although they have ruled out a return of the deadly severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) virus. A total of 59 cases of unknown viral pneumonia have been ...

  • MP Says Austria Unprepared After Cyberattack on Foreign Ministry

    January 7, 2020

    The Austrian State Department’s IT systems were under a ‘serious attack’ suspected to be carried out by a state-backed threat group according to a joint statement from the Foreign Ministry (BMEIA) and the Ministry of the Interior (BMI). “A coordination committee has been set up on the basis of the Network and Information System Security Act, and ...


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