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Today’s interdependent and interconnected world requires joint efforts and holistic approaches to protect critical infrastructure assets from the growing number of attacks and to address ever-evolving convergent threats to our economy, security and well-being.

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Top News

  • UK Manufacturers Top Attack Target For Cyber Crooks

    May 8, 2018

    Manufacturing was the sector most attacked by cyber-criminals in the UK last year, a report from NTT Security has found, mirroring warnings from other agencies including the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) . The firm’s Global Threat Intelligence Report 2018 found that finance was the most targeted sector worldwide, accounting for 26 percent of attacks, including ...

  • UK airports to add explosive detection dogs to screen cargo

    May 6, 2018

    British officials say dogs trained to detect explosives are being deployed at airports to screen cargo for possible devices. The Department of Transport said Sunday that each dog has been trained for 12 months to be able to detect small traces of explosives. They will be based in airport cargo sheds to screen large volumes of ...

  • Scotland’s energy sector must take heed of international cyber-attacks, warns detective

    May 4, 2018

    Detective Inspector Eamonn Keane heads up Police Scotland’s cyber-crime operations team. Speaking at the Digital Energy Conference in Aberdeen, he warned around 300 delegates that international energy companies based in Scotland could “come under the radar” of criminals. In August hackers carried out a cyber-attack on a petrochemical plant in Saudi Arabia, which investigators believe was designed ...

  • Former NSA chief raises $78 million for critical infrastructure cyber security start-up

    May 3, 2018

    Former US National Security Agency chief Keith Alexander has raised $78 million of investment for his tech start-up IronNet Cyber Security. The series B investment was backed by British investment firm C5 Capital, along with existing investors ForgePoint Capital and Kleiner Perkins. The Fulton, Maryland-based company, which develops a range of network-based cyber security solutions, said it ...

  • Terrorists still have rail in their target sights

    May 2, 2018

    When the Amtrak train carrying Republican House members to a retreat crashed January 31 into an object on the track, one of the first things Rep. John Katko thought was that terrorists had struck. Katko (R-N.Y.) chairman of the House Transportation and Protective Security Subcommittee, knows the vulnerability of the rails to terrorism. “We were sitting ducks,” ...

  • Plans unveiled for £20m national police cybersecurity centre

    May 2, 2018

    The UK’s 48 police forces will soon have access to a national centre dedicated to understanding and combatting the cyberthreat landscape at both a national and local level. According to a newly published contract notice, the National Police Technology Council has a “vision to establish a National Management Centre (NMC) that provides a comprehensive range of cybersecurity ...

  • Schneider Electric Patches Critical RCE Vulnerability

    May 2, 2018

    Researchers discovered a critical remote code execution vulnerability in two Schneider Electric industrial control related products that could give attackers the ability to disrupt or shut down plant operations. Tenable Research, who discovered the vulnerability (CVE-2018-8840) and created a proof-of-concept attack scenario, said that the bug was in Schneider Electric products – InduSoft Web Studio and InTouch ...

  • Egypt Boosts Airport Security, but UK Flight Restrictions Persist

    May 1, 2018

    The Egyptian government has spent more than $76 million to upgrade airport security over the past two years in an effort to thwart terrorist attacks. Upgrades such as new luggage scanning machines, metal detectors, and closed-circuit television since the 2015 crash of a Russian airliner in the Sanai Pensinsula have modernized Egypt’s airports to international ...