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Today’s interdependent and interconnected world requires joint efforts and holistic approaches to protect critical infrastructure assets from the growing number of attacks and to address ever-evolving convergent threats to our economy, security and well-being.

Critical Infrastructure Protection Review – the go-to destination for the latest news, insights and expert knowledge, is designed to assist governments, and the public and private sectors to improve security and resilience of vital critical infrastructures and strengthen their preparedness to withstand and recover from the physical and cyber attacks.

With a subscriber base encompassing key decision makers and professionals from the defence, law enforcement, transportation, energy, banking, telecommunication and other critical sectors, we aim to enhance cooperation and provide an effective information-sharing platform and engage top-security leaders through news, articles and events.

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Top News

  • Kuwaiti, U.S. EOD techs conduct challenging training lanes

    April 2, 2018

    Explosive ordnance disposal technicians with the Kuwait Land Forces and the U.S. Army trained together March 22, 2018, at Gerber Training Area near Camp Buehring, Kuwait, in order to improve both countries’ ability to counter improvised explosive devices during terror attacks in cities. Kuwaiti officers led the way through the training lanes, using their tactics, techniques, ...

  • Stansted Airport fire: Flights resume after severe disruption

    March 31, 2018

    Flights departing from Stansted Airport are operating as normal after a large fire broke out on a bus. The airport had cancelled all departing flights until midnight on Friday after an electrical fault caused the passenger shuttle bus outside the building to catch fire. Passengers were told to leave the area and advised to re-book flights. Read more… Source: ...

  • Russia to UK: Explain search of our plane or we may search your passenger planes

    March 31, 2018

    Russia’s Ministry of Transport said on Saturday that Moscow would demand an official explanation from Britain for why a Russian Aeroflot passenger plane had been subjected to a search at Heathrow airport on Friday. The Russian embassy in Britain complained about the search at the time. On Saturday, the Ministry of Transport said it wanted to know ...

  • Woman was able to walk through an e-Passport gate using her cousin’s passport

    March 29, 2018

    A woman passed through an electronic border gate using her cousin’s passport, it has been revealed. Inspectors witnessed the apparently unintentional ‘spoofing’ during observations at Stansted Airport in Essex. The watchdog report said: ‘A passenger managed to gain entry via an e-Passport gate using her cousin’s passport. ‘However, when the cousin tried to use the first passenger’s passport ...

  • Creaking protocols are threat to EU’s telecom infrastructure security

    March 29, 2018

    Legacy technologies pose a threat to the European Union’s telecommunications infrastructure, a study by cybersecurity agency ENISA warns. 2G/ 3G mobile networks worldwide still depend on SS7 and Diameter for controlling communications (routing voice calls and data) as well as sets of protocols designed “decades ago without giving adequate effect to modern day security implications”, ENISA said. Read more… Source: ...

  • Australian Government passes critical infrastructure national security Bill

    March 29, 2018

    Australia’s Parliament has passed the Security of Critical Infrastructure Bill in what the government called a bid to protect the electricity, gas, ports, and water sectors from “foreign involvement” that could lead to espionage, sabotage, and coercion, and giving ministers the power to direct companies to conduct risk mitigation actions. The legislation  was designed for the purpose ...

  • Boeing said it detected limited intrusion of malware

    March 29, 2018

    U.S. planemaker Boeing Co “detected a limited intrusion of malware” that affected “a small number of systems,” and said certain media reports on the disruptions were “overstated and inaccurate,” a company vice president said on Wednesday. Linda Mills, VP of Boeing commercial airplanes communications, said by email that “remediations were applied” and the intrusion would not ...

  • Russia threat and terror the focus of security review

    March 28, 2018

    Threats from Russia and organised crime are the focus of a new national security strategy for the UK. In what the prime minister has called a “fusion doctrine”, the plan will combine intelligence and the Army with economics and diplomacy to defeat UK enemies. Theresa May said “every capability” would be used against increasing threats on national ...